AquaCaps are waterproof, quick-dry truckers designed by Jo & Mich, two Northern Beaches mums.  Watching our kids play in the water all day we knew they should be wearing a cap to keep the UV rays off their face and out of their eyes.  When their ordinary truckers got wet they became water logged and were soggy for days.

We designed and registered a cap kids want to wear at the beach, on the sand and in the surf.  It floats, is quick-dry and can be clipped to their rashie with the detachable strap.

AquaCaps are also chlorine resistant so they can be worn in the pool too… just rinse in fresh water after use!

Not wanting to leave the big kids out we have an adults trucker available too.

Perfect for long days in the surf or pool, boating, canoeing… our caps love the water as much as you do.

All caps on sale now, go to


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