Aroma Houz


Is 100% pure & natural organic essential oils, incense, resins and lifestyle clothing. Sustainably & ethically, all Australian made. NO fragrance oils or harmful chemicals.

Our mission is to facilitate you with all the purest tools & essentials you need to insure your natural health and well-being both physically and emotionally.
Check out the exclusive -DIY resin incense clearing kits, Aroma Houz’s custom essential oil blends & the ‘minimalist’ women’s clothing. The collection is made in Sydney from breathable linens, cotton’s, wool’s, bamboo and rayon’s, with a monochromatic colour pallet.
The Aroma Houz- ‘LIVE.LIFE.STYLE’ apparel aesthetic is functional & timeless, focused on comfort; style and layering.

Aroma Houz loves to support local/ global farmers, makers & communities while maintaining environmentally friendly; aware & conscious practices.

Our purity & quality is your assurance products are therapeutic, high vibration & frequency.

Love & Light!

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