Dream Catching Picnics

Beautifully hand crafted and hand painted folding portable picnic tables. Our tables are designed so that your bottles and glasses will never spill again.

From humble beginnings gathered on a picnic blanket with the family, Dream Catching Picnics started as an idea born out of necessity.

Spilled wine, spilled dips, knocked over beers, ants in the cheese… we thought there must be a better way!
Mike being the wizz bang carpenter he is, came up with a solid solution to our picnic woes and built us a beautiful picnic table. Mum then started painting them in different designs and the neighbours and friends couldn’t get enough. Now we are hand making our tables in different sizes and designs that would suit any personality or any need.

Our tables are all hand crafted and hand painted in the Hunter Valley in NSW but we are a regular at Manly Market Place.

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