Evoka Sydney


Evoka Sydney jewellery collections are designed and crafted by husband and wife duo Claudio Medel and Natalie Kenyon.

Formally creating ranges for international cruise ship clients; their pieces are bespoke and limited edition treasures.

They juxtapose Medieval, Byzantine, Etruscan and Art Deco elements within their silver and gold filigree. They revere flawless gemstones from around the world within their settings- celebrating Aquamarine, Morganite, Ruby and Emerald to name a few.

Their pieces go beyond exquisite aesthetic and are based on 8 Archetypal Goddesses who speak of wearing jewellery with intention, to balance our energy centres and cultivate empowerment from within.

Natalie and Claudio invite wild, conscious women on a journey of transformation to express their multi dimensional femininity.

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