Fine Design Jewellery

Sam Gross – Sema Sericchi

Since over 20 years our Jewellery Stall is present on Manly Beach Promenade or Sydney Road.

We specialise in affordable, extremely durable, 14 K gold filled & Sterling Silver products.

Our Styles aim to be classical and timeless with simplicity as a core idea.

Also, since Sema has taken to jewellery designing we do venture into contemporary, at times quirky, always striving to be unique, pieces.

A particular delight is when a mother buys her child it’s first ring and tells us that her mother bought her first ring from our stall as well.

Our customer support base spans from interstate to worldwide return visitors.

We are particularly grateful for the longstanding support of the manly public and will provide consistently the quality and creativity that you have known us for.