Sabine James

Sabine, who is now Sydney based, left Germany over 30 years ago and has spent her time overseas with her husband and 3 children living in some amazing places, which has had a great influence in her work.

Self taught, she has always had an interest in design, art and travel and her work is inspired by ‘treasures of the past’ which she sources at auctions and antique & vintage shops here in Australia or on her travels.

The unique jewellery collections are ‘conversation starters’ and her clients love the idea of wearing ‘One Offs’ created with interesting components, which are not mass produced and are also not going to end up in landfills.

Depending on ‘finds with potential’ her pieces are constantly evolving and changing.

Her customers include Politicians, well known TV Personalities, Artists and of course a lot of individuals locally & overseas who just love the philosophy behind her work.